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Truform 20-30 Hg Below Knee Open-Toe Compression Stockings
Truform 20-30 Hg Below Knee Open-Toe Compression Stockings

Varicose veins – yuck! They can be both painful and embarrassing. No one wants them! For me, prior to qualifying for surgery to fix my varicose veins, my insurance company required me to wear compression stockings for several months. I was not excited but jumped in anyway and bought my first pair at a local medical supply store. After spending $50 I was so disappointed to find two weeks later that they already had huge holes in the heels and balls of the feet! Are you kidding? It was going to be an expensive few months. So I started looking for other options.

Looking on Amazon, I found a line of compression stockings called TruForm. After reading through some of the customer reviews, they sounded like pretty much what I had purchased, but who knows what you are getting with things like this. At a fraction of the price, I figured they might be worth a try. Upon receiving the stockings, I was pleasantly surprised! They have been very comfortable to wear and the fabric feels smooth.  And so far, they have been at least as good quality as the $50 pair. I have been wearing them for several weeks now and still no holes! So, save money and get better quality? Sounds good to me!

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