Discovering the wonderful wizarding world of Harry Potter audio CDs

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Audio CDIf you love the Harry Potter book series and have not discovered the Harry Potter audio CDs, you are really missing out on something fantastic. The narrator, Jim Dale, does one of the most incredible jobs I have ever heard reading the books. The different voices he uses for each character brings them to life and gives them so much personality. His interpretation of the words and emotions are amazing. In fact, he is so good that it is hard for me to want to watch theĀ  movies more than a few times. I would much rather listen to the books, although since they are not abridged, it take a lot longer, but I am totally OK with this. And, because of the audio format, I can enjoy hours of engaging listening at times when it is not convenient or possible to read, such as while taking a walk, on a long drive, or as I am going to sleep. Combine this convenient format with the awesome story and you truly have some wonderful entertainment. All my children love listening to the audio versions of the books too. The Harry Potter series is by far the most read or listened to book in our home by ten times, no by thirty times. Just be warned that if you start listening to a book, be prepared to spend a lot of time the next few days listening to the rest of it. They are incredibly addicting.

So, when I need a break and want to escape into the wondrous world of Harry Potter, this is the best way to do it. At times, when I have a lot of pressure or stress in my life and really need something powerful to take my mind off of it for a bit and reading and music won’t do it, I reach for my Harry Potter audios and they always seem to be able to work their magic. I am sure I sound a little fanatical or a lot fanatical, but this is just how strongly I feel about this product. By the way, they are available on cassette too if you need them or even know what they are.


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Phil Duncan

I love these CDs. I use them almost everyday as I fall asleep at night, I enjoy listening to the books. I never grow tired of them and they relax me. I only wish the series were not over and there were more to come. i guess I can look forward to The Hobbit.

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