Fun with the timeless and classic snow fling

Snofling Snow Ball Throwing StickOver thirty years ago, I fell in love with my first snow fling (snowfling). A snow fling is a long plastic tube that gets wider and is open at one end. Picture an old fashioned root beer bottle made out of plastic with the bottom cut out of it and a three foot long neck. By sticking the open end into the snow to fill it, you can pack the snow into a bullet shaped snowball. You then swing the tube like a tennis racket and the snowball comes flying out. With the right consistency of snow, proper packing, and the right throwing motion, you can hurl the snowball quite a distance. With practice, you can even get pretty good accuracy. Not only can you have a lot of fun with a snow fling, but your hands never need to touch the snow and get cold.

Recently, I was thinking about my snow fling and wondered if they still made them. To my surprise and joy, I found them on and ordered one for my son. When the snow fling arrived, I was surprised at how much it looked like mine from over thirty years ago, even the color. Oh and yes, I still have mine. The biggest difference is that my son’s makes a whistling noise when you  throw snowballs.

My son and I went outside to try them out. He needed to find out if the snow fling was as much fun as dad had hyped it up to be. I needed to find out what happens to thirty year old plastic. The snow was perfect, not too wet and not too dry. Within seconds, we were tossing snowballs down the street and coming way to close to houses and cars. I rediscovered why I loved my snow fling so much and my son discovered a great new way to have fun in the snow. Some things don’t change and that is good.

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