Merrell boots – a great shoe for everyday wear

Merrell Men's Moab Mid Gore-Tex Waterproof BootA good pair of hiking boots or shoes can be hard to find. I want durability, functionality, water residence, lightness, comfort, low cost, and good looks. This might not seem so hard to find, but it has been for me, at least until I discovered Merrell boots.

In the beginning

For me, this story started about ten years ago. I needed a new pair of everyday shoes and decided I wanted a change from the regular athletic court style shoes I was wearing. I decided that I would give a hiking boot style shoe a try. I figured they look outdoors sporty, have a bit higher tops to help support my weak ankles, and hopefully would be durable. Durable is a bit deal to me. I will wear a pair of shoes until I can’t possibly wear them anymore. Generally this is about two or three years. Anyway, at the store I was shopping at, they had a nice looking pair of Salomon mid high hiking boots that I liked. I tired them on and they felt good and were on sale. Long story short, they took a bit of breaking in before they were comfortable, but they lasted over four years and still looked great. I liked them so much, I bought a second pair and wore them for another four years.

As this second pair starting wearing out, I noticed that the place where I bought my shoes didn’t carry them anymore. I did a bit more hunting online and discovered that really no one was carrying them, or if they did, it was rare and they were not a good deal. I started looking into other options. I had heard of Merrell and knew many people that liked them, but I was skeptical and worried that they were more mainstream popular than rugged and durable. I looked at other shoes, but nothing was working out. I finally came back to Merrell and decided to give them a try. The cool thing was there are a lot of options in colors, styles, and materials. The price was reasonable too. Well, in the end, I decided what I wanted and made my purchase at Amazon. I was fortunate that Merrells are very popular in my area and I saw them at several stores and was able to determine what size and color I wanted. I ended up with the Men’s Merrell Moab Mid Gore-Tex in Dark Tan.

First impressions of my new Merrell boots

At first, I didn’t think I was going to like them as much as the Salomons, but after a couple of weeks, I realized that they were a lot more comfortable than my Salomons and did not really require breaking in. However, were they going to be durable. Well, after wearing them for a months, when many of my previous shoes started to not look so new anymore, they still looked great. And, after many many miles of walking with them on vacation, they still felt comfortable and everything, including the soles, were holding up great. So, now I am a fan. I love my Merrells! I don’t think I will need a new pair for awhile, because they are so well made, but when I do, I am going Merrell again. When you find something you like, you stick with it, right?

My wife even likes Merrell shoes

A final note, my wife a few years ago was looking for a pair of comfortable and stylish walking shoes for a trip we were taking to Europe, where we would be doing lots of walking. We were traveling with a large group and she asked the group before the trip if anyone had any recommendations for comfortable walking shoes. One of the most common replies was Merrell, so she got herself a pair. I asked her how she liked her Merrells and she said they really are comfortable walking shoes. I guess the morale of the story is that I should have started my search for shoes by talking to my wife or just let her shop for shoes for me.


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Phil Duncan

I love Merrell boots. They are high quality and extremely comfortable. I have work my current pair for everyday use and walked well over a couple of hundred miles in them and they still look new.

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