Panasonic phones are the best and here’s why

Panasonic DECT 6.0 Link-to-Cell via Bluetooth Cordless Phone with Answering System
Panasonic DECT 6.0 Link-to-Cell via Bluetooth Cordless Phone with Answering System

Ever since the days of college, I have loved Panasonic phones. In my college apartment, we had a Panasonic phone that hung on the wall and had a really long cord attached to it. The cord was so long that we could talk from any location in the apartment – translation: cord long and apartment small. On numerous occasions, when someone was hanging up the phone, they would not quite get the phone back on the base so when they let go, the phone crashed to the floor. After seeing this happen many times and the phone surviving, I decided that next phone I purchased would be a Panasonic.

My first Panasonic phone

When I eventually got married, I purchased my first Panasonic phone that included an answering machine. The phone still works today after 20 years. When I set up my home office a few years later, I got a Panasonic two-line speaker phone. I am still using that phone today. Then, I purchased my first cordless phone, which was not a Panasonic. It lasted for a year and broke. I tried two more brands of cordless phones that were not Panasonic, because they were inexpensive. They didn’t last either. I finally regained my senses and got a cordless Panasonic phone and it still works. It was also comparable in price to the other cordless phones. A few years ago, I was ready to get a multi-handset cordless phone package – these have one base and multiple handsets. I stuck with Panasonic and have been very happy.

Why I like Panasonic phones

The latest set of Panasonic phones have been great in many ways besides being durable, which make me a bigger fan than ever. It is great to find that there are still some quality products out there. Here are some of the reasons I like our current phones:

  • Durable and reliable – they work and work and work.
  • Inexpensive – I got our four handset package for less than $50.
  • Rechargeable AAA batteries – When the original batteries wore out, I replaced them with inexpensive rechargeable AAA batters. No expensive special batteries needed.
  • Good talk and standby time – I don’t remember now what they were rated at, but I remember comparing with other brands and these were right up near the top. Something like 5 hours talk and 21 days standby.
  • Good range and sound quality – I’ll just say they meet the need here – no complaints.


I haven’t needed to shop for phones for years now, but the other day, I did a little searching on Amazon to see what he latest and greatest cordless phones can do. As I looked at the most popular offerings, I noticed some Panasonic phones were right up there. I was glad to see this. As I read through the feature lists on the phones, I didn’t really see anything new and exciting that would tempt me to upgrade, so I guess I am OK until my current phones die, which they probably won’t do for a long time. I guess I should be happy about this. 🙂


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