Schwinn 150 Upright Bike – the ideal quiet workout machine

Schwinn 150 Upright Exercise BikeRecently we purchased the Schwinn 150 Upright Bike and love it. It fits all of the requirements we had for a piece of exercise equipment and is fun to use.  We wanted a way to burn calories in the morning without waking up everyone in the house (we have several young children)?  We wanted an exercise machine that would not be hard on the knees like a treadmill. We wanted a piece of equipment that will easily fit in our bedroom so we can easily use it in the mornings. The Schwinn 150 Upright Bike meets all of these requirements for us.

The Schwinn 150 Upright Bike is extremely quiet

The greatest thing about this bike is how extremely quiet it is when you are pedaling.  I can get up and exercise in close proximity to my bed and not even wake up my spouse!  It is literally feet from me and I don’t hear a thing when he is pedaling. I can sleep like a baby.  It takes up so little space; you can put it in a small corner of your room.  It has nice rollers on the end so you can move it around easily too.

Schwinn 150 Upright Bike features

We thought we wanted a recumbent bike so we sat down and tried them all out. We were surprised that we liked the upright one the best.  The onboard computer will calculate calories for you, distance traveled, RPM’s, and much more.  It’s easy to set up custom profiles for different people with your own or custom terrains.  It provides nice resistance like you are going uphill if you want that setting.  The fan is actually insufficient because it doesn’t blow much air but it’s not a deal breaker, it doesn’t bother us.  My husband likes to plug in his ipod and listen to music while he’s pedaling. He can put earphones in and pedal like crazy and I have no clue he’s even exercising, I’m sound asleep.  We are so happy with this purchase.  It’s such a good deal for not much money.


If you want a reliable, super quiet, great bike with lots of features that doesn’t take up much space, you want the Schwinn 150 Upright Bike!

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